cold-snow-white-60561By Anna Sophia Defant

Snowfall in the city has always something magical to it. Especially when it comes early in winter – just about right for christmas time. The joy and happiness that comes with sparkling snowflakes is reflected by the eyes of children and everyone who wishes to be one again. Snow enlivens old memories of times when you felt safe and warm and you felt the coziness of a fireplace in the living room. With every crackly spark, you feel the love that surrounds you. Warmed by these sensations you step out into the fresh-fallen snow that covers everything and cushions the city sounds. You feel a breeze of freedom swirling strands of your hair that aren’t hidden beneath your bonnet and you ask yourself: “Is this what I want?“ You feel the possibilities that it carries within, but also a frightening hint of insecurity. You carefully take a few more steps towards that winter wonderland. Every year it feels like the first time you’ve discovered that new world. “Easy…“, you think and you take another step. You bend over and your gloves touch the cold fluffiness. You write your name in the snow – letter after letter. Now it feels like home again.

Anna wrote this charming text at a recent Sunday Writers’ Club session. Thank you, Anna for sharing your work with us.

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