Inspiring Writing Every Week

Welcome to Sunday Writers' Club. We are a not-for-profit organisation, originally conceived in the culture-rich cafés of Vienna where we’ve been inspiring writers since 2018.

 For emerging writers, for occasional writers, for expressive writers, for imaginative writers - our aim at Sunday Writers' Club is to help you carve out a little time and space from your busy schedule for developing your love of writing.

Why not make Sunday your time to write?


What We Offer

 Sunday Sessions

Vienna Café €10 | Online €5 per session

We run creative writing sessions, both in a Viennese café and online for writers everywhere. Our unique sessions kick-off at 10am CET – we don’t just write, we also share our stories and poems at the end.

Club Membership

Annual membership €70

You do not have to live in Vienna to be a member of our unique writers’ community. We welcome people from all over the world! Join SWC and receive a weekly menu of prompts to your inbox, take part in our monthly Writers’ Lab creative writing course and enjoy making Sundays your time to write.

Meet the Professionals


On the third Sunday of the month we run an online event with a different professional from the publishing industry. Gain an exclusive insight and join the conversation. This is your chance to meet authors, agents, publishers and other professional creatives.



Why Become a Sunday Writers’ Club Member?

Get inspired

Get inspired and keep your writing flowing by using our regular creative writing prompts either in the comfort of your own home or when you join us in a Viennese cafe.

Develop your writing skills

Through Sunday Writers’ Cub workshops, creative writing sessions,  meeting professionals, and the regular practice of writing and self-editing, as a SWC member you will continuously develop your writing skills.

Meet other writers

Meet other writers and make new friends at the Sunday creative writing sessions, at a club nights, at a writing workshop or even at a  writing retreat.

Increase your confidence

Increase your writing and performing confidence by sharing your writing with a friendly audience at one of the Sunday Writers’ Club club nights. You’ll come away inspired to take to the stage again!

Improve your English-language proficiency

Like many Sunday Writers’ Club members, you may have English as your 2nd (or even 3rd!) language. Creative writing is a great way of improving your English-language proficiency.

Get published

Get published on the Sunday Writers’ Club blog or the podcast, and start submitting your writing to writing competitions and publishers as listed in the SWC monthly newsletter.

From my first few weeks in Vienna almost two years ago, Sunday Writer’s has given me friendship, encouragement and inspiration.  The imaginative prompts each week provide the spark for creative writing and lively discussions.  Even during the COVID-19 lockdown, Keith and Paul created virtual events to keep our writing from lagging and our spirits high.

Connie Phlipot

SWC is a great way to expand writing horizons and hone skills in a friendly environment.

Jon Pickering

Inspiration is all well and good – the Viennese coffee houses and the fellow group members certainly provide plenty of that – but inspiration alone often isn’t enough. If you’re also looking to establish a writing routine and get supportive feedback within a fun and relaxed atmosphere, then look no further than Sunday Writers’ Club.

Caroline Stevenson

Creative writing prompts

Example of Our World-Famous and Unique Creative Writing Prompt Menu

We create a brand new Sunday Writers’ Club Prompt Menu every week.


Originally conceived to be enjoyed alongside a coffee and cake in a Viennese café, our menus are guaranteed to stimulate new writing ideas wherever and whenever you find time to write. Just use them like any other menu and pick what you fancy…


EspressoQuick hits of inspiration

This half of the menu challenges you to express yourself. Explore your memories, philosophies and fantasies. Perfect for bloggers and journal-keepers.


LatteLonger-lasting imaginative ideas

The second half of our menu will help you discover ideas for stories and poems you never even realized you had. Don’t hold back – let your imagination go!


Frequently Asked

Here are a few frequently asked questions

Please feel to contact us if you have further questions.

My English isn't very good. Does that matter?

Certainly not! Many people join us with English as their 2nd (or even 3rd!) language. We’re proud to be an inclusive international community. Even though our Sunday sessions and writing prompts are in English, you are welcome to write in whichever language you feel most creative.

Please note: for practical purposes, when it comes to sharing our writing in a group or on the website, English is preferable.

If I become a member, will my writing automatically be published on the blog?

We would love to publish everyone’s writing all the time, but for the sake of quality reading (and building a big audience for your writing), we have submission guidelines for Sunday Writers’ Club members. We regularly publish a selection of members’ stories, and we endeavor to showcase as much new writing as we can.  All of the stories and poems we publish need to be inspired by the Sunday Writers’ Club writing prompts.

Does Sunday Writers' Club run all year round?

We take 3 months off each year: December for the holiday season and July and August as our summer break. Of course the website will always be accessible but we do not produce menus, run Writers’ Lab or organise face-to-face sessions during these months. Always keep an eye on our social media platforms, however, because we’ll never totally abandon you! But we encourage members to plan for the breaks, and to focus on completing or progressing their current writing projects.

What if I don't live in Vienna?

You can benefit from becoming a Sunday Writers’ Club member wherever you are. With our unique SWC Menus sent to your inbox every week, with our Writers’ Lab every month and with our Blog being continually updated, we can keep you inspired and writing all across the globe. Just check out our membership page for all the member benefits.

Do I still have to pay for Sunday Session, although I'm a SWC member?

Yes. The payment is also for the session itself, not just for the creative writing menu.