Club Night Readings

New for autumn 2021

We are planning our very first Club Night Reading on Monday 29th November 2021, at Cafe Korb in Vienna AND online. All details will be announced soon!

What are Club Night Readings?

We will be running SWC Club Night readings 3 times a year. SWC members are invited to read aloud to an audience from Vienna and beyond. We will advertise the Club Night Reading far and wide using all of our usual social media channels to gather together an enthusiastic and appreciative audience.

Are you a member?
Perhaps a Sunday Writing Session sparked the inspiration and you went on to polish your story or poem with the help of your fellow SWCers at a Writers’ Lab Live. Now you’d like to share your writing with as many others as possible. Invite your friends and family to hear you read alongside your fellow members.
Slots for readers may be limited if we need to keep the evening to a sensible length, so if you’d like to read you will need to register in advance. Readings must also be kept to a strict maximum of 5 minutes.

Currently we are planning for a hybrid event – a live event in Vienna with members and an audience from all over the world joining in. We are still working on a venue – keep an eye on this page website for further registration details.

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Photo © Pexels by Andrea Piacquadio
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