How can we Sunday Writers best use our creativity and love of writing to realise our full potential?

In this online workshop we’ll explore the typical stages in a writer’s journey, the challenges (and opportunities) faced at each stage, and identify where you are in your journey. Through reflective writing each of us will explore our writer’s “dream”—crystallising in our minds the kind of writer we would like to become. With this in mind, we will look at what it might take step-by-step to get there.”

The outcomes for this 75 minute workshop include:

–        Your vision of the writer you wish to become (your guiding star on your writing journey)

–        The current stage in your writing journey clearly identified

–        Your clear writer’s plan to help you overcome challenges and progress

–        Your personalised accountability chart to keep you writing regularly and stay on track

The workshop will also be a launching pad and incentive to take part in this year’s Summer Writing Fling – our usual two month writing challenge filled with creative ideas to keep your writing momentum going.

Featured Image from Nina Uhlikova at Pexels