Contribution Guidelines

For members only

Here are a few rules, regulations and sensible suggestions for submitting your writing to us.


We only accept contributions from Sunday Writers’ Club members. Writers retain all copyright on their work.


  • Please  submit only one creative writing piece at a time.
  • Maximum word count: 2000.
  • Please include the Sunday Writers’ Club prompt that inspired your piece.
  • Keep in mind that this blog is intended for a general audience, and your writing should not contain excessive profanities etc. We reserve the right to remove anything we deem to be offensive to our readers.
  • You are welcome to include a short bio and photograph of yourself with your submission.
  • Unfortunately we do not have the time to proof-read or edit your work so please read and correct any errors in your text before submitting to us.
  • By submitting to the Sunday Writers’ Club blog you grant us permission to publish it (including as a podcast), and you guarantee the writing is yours.
  • Although we endeavour to publish as much writing as possible from members, we can not guarantee to publish everything submitted.
  • We do not provide editorial feedback on submissions
  • We will only contact you if your writing is accepted for the Sunday Writers’ Club blog
  • Please do not submit during the months of December, July and August. SWC is on break at this time. 

Submit your writing to

Please include your name and title of your piece in the subject line.