The First Ever SWC Anthology


We are excited to announce Sunday Writers’ Club’s first ever anthology of original writing coming in the summer of ’23. It will be packed full of stories, poems and reflections told in the unique voices of our worldwide members.

We are planning to publish both as an e-book and a traditional print version. Please keep an eye on this page as we reveal the cover, the contributors and news of the celebratory launch party over the coming months.

If you are an SWC member who is interested in submitting here is everything you need to know:


Rules for Submission

• We will ONLY accept and publish writing from SWC members (with full and valid annual subscription).
• SWC members are not guaranteed publication. Publication will be adjudicated on merit by the SWC Team and their decision is final (Jasmine Fassl, Paul Malone,
Jennifer Cornick and Keith Gray).
• Your submission MUST be with us by no later than midnight on November 30th 2022.
• Short stories, blog pieces, memoir, reflective writing, standalone chapters/sections of longer works, fiction of any genre, non-fiction and poetry are all eligible for submission.
MAXIMUM word count of 2,500 words per submission.
• You may submit up to 2 separate submissions.
• Your submission MUST be inspired by a prompt from one of the SWC Prompt Menus, and you MUST include the full written prompt (mentioning whether it was an Espresso or Latte prompt) with your submission. We realise it may take you 10 minutes to dig out an old menu to be able to find the exact prompt but please understand you would be saving us many, many 10s of minutes if we had to do the same for every submitted piece.
• We will not accept a submission which is not accompanied by its prompt.
• Obviously, the writing MUST be your own.
• You will retain the copyright of your own individual writing (but SWC will retain the copyright of the anthology).

Other important info

• The SWC Team will read, discuss and select which pieces will be shortlisted for
inclusion in the anthology during the months of December ’22 and January ’23.
• Shortlisted writers will be informed in January ’23 and will be offered editorial
advice if warranted.
• The SWC Team may still reject shortlisted pieces during this short editorial process.
• Confirmation of inclusion and publication will be sent out in March ’23.
• We hope to publish in May or June of ’23.

We are open for submissions from October 1st until November 30th. Please submit to
If you’d like anymore information don’t hesitate to get in touch.