Now some would argue a writer never stops writing, and we’re inclined to agree; but this time of year there are all those Christmas cards to write…and all that texting and tweeting and posting and posing (with Santa or Nikolaus) to be done.  Here in Vienna of course, there are also Christmas markets to visit. At any one of them you’re likely to see an SWC writer sipping a glühwein, scoffing a waffle, buying a glass Christmas ball–and all this while riding a pony. No wonder we’re taking a break!

Before we do though, we’d like to share with you our journey so far:

  • Organized by Keith Gray and Paul Malone, Sunday Writers’ Club kicked off in September 2018 with weekly creative writing sessions in various Vienna Cafés.
  • With 12 creative writing sessions behind us and a growing band of merry writers to keep us company, we’re quite in the mood to pop a Christmas cracker in celebration.
  • We even found time to run two writing workshops, and we’re planning many more in 2019.
  • At every café SWC visits, the waiters and diners look on in quiet amazement as we write and share our work with such enthusiasm—there is a sense of history in the making.
  • People enjoy our menu of creative writing prompts. There’s something for everyone.
  • We love handing out SWC Writing Rewards Cards—the reward is the writing itself more than the free session that comes with it.
  • Everyone gets a kick out of reading the SWC creative writing we share on our blog. We’re proud of our writers!
  • Café Jelinek and Café Worthner are among our favourite Vienna café’s for writing. The garden in Café Rüdigerhof is also pleasant in the warmer months.
  • We’ll be adding new Cafés in 2019.
  • We almost wish it wasn’t Christmas—we’re missing our writing friends already.

A few kilos the heavier, possibly still brushing away the crumbs from all the Vanillekipferl we’ve gobbled, we’ll be back on Sunday 13th of January. Keep an eye out on our schedule of creative writing sessions for all the details.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas

Paul and Keith

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