25th January is Burns Night when the Scottish celebrate their favourite poet, Robert Burns, and eat their favourite meal, Haggis. In celebration of Burns’s famous poem ‘Address to a Haggis’ SWC member Patrick O’ Gorman honours his delicious egg.


By Patrick O’Gorman

Of  what would breakfast consist without you,

versatile and good,

You compete and overcome all

Those pretenders to your throne can only look on

vanquished and humbled

by your nutritious presence

Even on the bleakest of  days as I rise

leaden and encumbered

by the excesses of  last evenings inebriations

You are there to comfort

and still my spinning head

Oh Egg, oh glorious egg

whether you are scrambled, poached, fried or boiled,

No matter which country or terrain,

I shamble my weary body to the table,

You are there to remind that life is worth living,

giving me courage to begin again.

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