Even though Sunday Writers’ Club is on summer break, we thought we’d share with you some very recent writing from our Spring Sunday sessions. This time we’re pleased to present a few very short pieces from Tomer Donio. Tomer joined us for a number of Sunday sessions over the last few months, becoming one of the regulars. We were always pleased to have Tomer join us, and we’re a little sad to have had to say farewell. Tomer has since left Vienna. We wish him every success with his writing back in his home country. Please feel free to like or comment!

The Rules

By Tomer Donio

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Be Honest

Be Upfront

Be Kind

Have Patience

Have Faith

Look Up

Four seasons, four wishes

By Tomer Donio

 Autumn – that I may gather strength for what winter is coming, and that I may breathe in deep the changes and the cooling air and atmosphere.

 Winter – that I may be blessed with an ever burning fire to face this time of trial and of hardships, that I may find balance and preserve it, as within so without.

 Spring – that I may blossom and change and open up and transform, that I may make love to the world as the bee to the flower.

 Summer – that I may be one with the waves of the Red Sea, one with the rocks of the mountains of Eilat, one with the sands of the Negev desert and one with myself.

The Girl of No Return

By Tomer Donio

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

 There she stands

On the edge

No place left to go

She doesn’t even turn her gaze

But you know how her eyes glow

She lingers, breathes in the smoke so slow

And then, on the exhale


You may never know

A Lullaby

By Tomer Donio

 Ask me all of the questions

And I will answer as best as I can

And should it be beyond me to know all of the answers

I will sing you a love song from dad

I will not say that I know everything

I want you to be curiously intrigued

My beautiful child don’t you worry

For tonight just go to sleep

Tweet from Storytelling Collective

By Tomer Donio

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

The moment before the performance is always an uncomfortable one.

Never have I been able to enter the desired meditative state best picked out for performing.

Help me relieve this pressure and give my best shot.

Help me with a round of applause.

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