Midnight at Run a Dub Dub

By Emma Downey

Plenty of time to scrub

Under yellow strip light

Wash them, fold them whiter than white

All the grime that you gather

Disappears in glorious lather

The delicates, the wools, darks and smalls

Come inside and wash them all

Scrub a dub dub

Fill up the tub

Black slacks and shirts to wash

For waiting tables somewhere posh

A couple of hours to get them fresh and smelling sweet

For a double shift on your feet

Dub a scrub scrub

Then off down the pub

Sheets, slips and covers folded with care

Stripped from the bed that they used to share

She’s never one to grumble and groan

But its just not easy home  all alone

She comes in evenings now he has passed away

‘Its easier at night now aren’t I busy all day’

Rub a scrub scrub

A lifetime of love

Lingerie and a messy duvet

A place of your own, guests will stay

Whites and colours in separate lots

Remember last time, you forgot

Scrub a dub rub

Red sock in tub

Outside he drops his grubby pile

To come inside and rest a while

He’s caked in dirt with matted hair

He’ll wander in, it smells of care

Thub a thub thub

Never knew love

Tiny shirts and little pants

Do a suddy soapy dance

A baby snoozes to the sound

Of the drum whirring round

Scrub a dub thub

Snug as a bug

What a pain her machine is broken

Now she’s queuing for a token

White linen and pricey scent

Worth every penny that was spent

Goes with the stuff, the modern crockery

In her own tasteful property

Rub a thub scrub

Scrub thub a rub

Some arrive here in a mope

But they leave with the smell of hope

You can always wash the stains

That remain of ache and pains

Scrub and scour the spill and spew

Of you life out view