A Cat’s Boredom

By David Wiegl

Creative writing inspired by the SWC prompt: Describe wasted time in fascinating detail. Waiting for the kettle to boil, the microwave to ding, or the boringness of a queue. Fill that time with fascinating thoughts and wondrous description.

What the hell was that? Oh, just that stupid tail. Gives me a heart attack every damn time. Dude always acts as if I have any control over it. I don’t think I do.

Oh well, what’s the time? Can’t be long now. I think those rectangles just became a tad less black than before…or is it still same? Anyways, today that weird white disc isn’t around at all, whatever that means. Sometimes it shines freaking too much.

I stretch myself, getting that chin up. It’s not enough. Can’t see the numbers on top of that hot chicken chamber thing from here. Dude never lets me get close there. What an asshole. Smells so good every time. I mean, yeah, sure right now I have all the freedom. So, I am sure there is no chicken in there. Same thing as always.

So, I get up. Off the sofa. Little jump, no big deal. I stroll over and see the numbers lighting in green. I learned it a long time ago, but Dude still thinks I am stupid. 5.30. Great. Food is not to long off now. Let’s have a look if he’s up.

I walk over to his room. The door is open. He learned that finally. What a prick he was in the beginning shutting it, and honestly thinking I would just accept that. He certainly paid for that.

I’m circling the bed, scanning for movements. Why is he always breathing so loud at that time? Let’s get up there. Takes me nothing that little leap. Whatever. Ok so what do we have here? Man, I feel like I need some affection. So yeah, I see an opening in that blanket. I push my head under it and get in there. That’s it. Let’s hang out.

Vibration chest thing starts. Always when I’m relaxing. But who actually turns that on? I’m sure dude has something to do with that. Did he move? Man, I m seriously starting to get hungry. I wish I could just get out there and find myself something, but it never works. Sometimes feels as if dude is making sure I don’t get out. Wouldn’t surprise me.

Damn now I’m hungry. Can’t handle it anymore. So, I yell. I got to get out of this stupid blanket. I yell again. Let’s push his head. Yep…nothing. Again. I think his eyes moved. Wait he turns!

Seriously? Just turning away? Ok let’s drop some shit. I’m stressed. I got no time for any of this, so I jump off and then on the table. There’s that stupid rectangle thing he always stares at and awkwardly pushes with his disgusting paws. Sometimes holds it to his ear. What a weirdo. But it sure seems important. Always a big deal when it falls. So, there it goes. A little push and it crashes into the floor.

Dude sits up, eyes wide open. He stares at me. He yells but it sounds weak and ridiculous. I watch him as he watches me. So, I see some of these thin white sheets he sometimes stares at. Sometimes he also takes the funny play-stick and scratches around on it. It always leaves some blue shapes or lines on it when he does that. So, I bite it. Always draws his attention, possibly leading to food.

Suddenly he jumps up. He is coming. I jump off and head for the bowl. I want to sit down and wait for the deliciousness, but I walk around, can’t handle it. Where is he? I look back. He did not! Anger boils up inside of me as I am starring on the door, now shut.

David Wiegl

David Wiegl

Sunday Writers' Club member

David Wiegl is one of our very creative Vienna-based writers. From Cafe Diglas in the 1st district to Cafe Equilibrium in the 6th, David has journeyed with us for some time now, and we’re looking forward to reading more from him along the merry way.

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