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Writing inspired by the SWC creative writing prompt: The Labyrinth.

Write a story or a poem titled The Labyrinth. What might be discovered at its heart? A minotaur? A treasure? A startling insight into one’s own nature?

The Labyrinth

By Stephen Cuthbertson

As the drift of day turns to night

light saunters through the memory

of years creeping through this city.

The ebb of a glowing pear

                flickers on leaves

while air whistles with friction

along the gravel-laid paths

In this labyrinth of trees.  

In the confusion of shadows

I call your name

                but echoes

swallow my voice. Pupils shrink

in the dark, the solitude

Of perspective.

I meander through these avenues

and stir to the madness of statues

carved into walls. Eyes arise –

                I know only the circumference

of their thoughts and the silence

of ghosts unsettled by stone.

I watch myth burn, shadows

Cast by your bones.

Stephen Cuthbertson

Stephen Cuthbertson

Sunday Writers' Club Member

Stephen Cuthbertson studied an MA in Creative Writing at Newcastle University, before moving to Vienna in 2010. His work has been published in various magazine and websites, and explores the issues of the self and identity, public and private, up close and at a distance, in strange and evocative imagery

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