This week we’re excited to present our very first song that has come out of a Sunday creative writing session. Many thanks to Tamara Raidt for the lyrics and singing along with her friend Julien.

Writing inspired by the SWC creative writing prompt: Write your own legendary folk song using the audio file “Ode to Woody”

Ode to Woody

by Tamara Raidt (lyrics). Sung by Tamra Raidt and Julien. Music by Paul Malone

Ode to Woody

By Tamara Raidt


Do you remember

the first time we met

‘round a bottle and two cigarettes

kids dreaming of the West

How we’d dance our nights away, how I’d ask you to stay

And our dreams of waves and foam, we’d always take them home

Late in the summer       

I heard a truck arrive

you moved out, why, I wonder

you forgot to say goodbye

The neighborhood’s not been the same, without you cursing their names

Woody, I’d do it all again, at 82 like at 10