Writing inspired by the SWC creative writing prompt:

How do you feel about the rain? Do you enjoy strolling in it with your umbrella held high? Have you ever whirled about in it when it breaks the summer heat? Can you recall listening to it pattering on a tin roof or trickling down a gutter? Write a poem titled “Rain”.

The Many Faces of Rain

By Janice Cutting

The tender, wispy, first showers of spring rain

Coating each tendril and each tiny hair with gentle mist

As soft as a breeze, as light as breath.

Freshening, renewing, it feels nourishing.

Then stronger, bolder more direct drops

Still soft, still tender, but permeating everything

Pooling in your soul, coating your skin

Deepening, fulfilling, it feels everlasting.

And then the persistent, heavy sheets of rain

A sky-high curtain of water dancing in the wind

With you in every step you take, soaking through your every layer

It has no end and no beginning

And finally the angry, frozen bites of rain

Your face contorted with the pain of it

Fragments ricochet, exploding in dramatic fits of energy

A fury to tear your heart apart, then silence.

Rain, like Love

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