We’re delighted to share with you the latest song written by Tamara Raidt and sung by Tamara and Julien.

Songwriting inspired by the SWC creative writing prompt and muic audio file: Midnight Train

Midnight Train

by Tamara Raidt and Julien (Lyrics and vocals). Music by Paul Malone

Midnight Train

By Tamara Raidt

Lit the candle wick and leave me there

Don’t say goodbye, before you catch the midnight train


Take a seat by the window

change your mind on the way home

keep your seat by the window

all the roads don’t lead to Rome


I guess it’s not fair but it’s farewell

I hope you’ll meet a woman on that train who’ll cast a spell


You’ll both sit by the window

Speak your mind, on the way home

Tell her ‘bout your childhood

And ‘bout the fear of being alone


and I hope she’ll


lit the candle wick and leave you there

won’t say goodbye, and she’ll catch the midnight train


and she’ll sit by the window

oh how she toyed

with your mind

oh how she left you behind

Cursing the midnight train

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