As Sunday Writers’ Club enters its 4th year we are excited to offer more events, more sessions and more writing opportunities than ever before. Vienna may be our home city but we reach creative writers all around the world, offering them a unique Viennese writing experience wherever they may live. We will be running community writing sessions, feedback groups, club night readings, author-led workshops – as well as our very own blog, podcast and new Discord group. You don’t have to be an official SWC member to take advantage of many of our events and sessions but membership now confers even more benefits than in previous years. You will find special member-only benefits listed at the end of the Autumn Programme 2021. You can download the programme in PDF here. Are you a casual writer who simply enjoys that wonderful feeling of getting your thoughts, stories and poems down on the page? Or are you someone who wants to build their confidence, nurture their talent and develop their skills en route to publication? Either way, the SWC community has lots to offer. We hope you enjoy browsing our autumn programme and look forward to sharing writing inspiration with you soon. Cheers from Keith, Paul, Jasmine & Jen
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