Writing inspired by the SWC creative writing prompt:

‘An Astonishing Cure For Loneliness’ Use this title to inspire a story or a poem.

An Astonishing Cure For Loneliness

By Gabrielle Clover

Sitting in a cafe

Surrounded by strangers

Solitude rises on the steam

Of my Earl Gray tea

To whisper sweet nothings in my ear

And I try not to be jealous of how those leaves

Cling to each other as they loll around

In the hot tub of the pot


Sitting in a cafe

Surrounded by strangers

My tea cup settles back into the embrace

Of the saucer

I try not to think about how nice it would be

To be someone’s saucer

To have a human fit so perfectly

Into the groove of me

To hold each other steady

There for whether the cup 

is full or empty


Sitting in a cafe 

Surrounded by strangers

I concentrate on the maniacal 

dancing of fingers on a keyboard

and thoughts becoming visible in ink

I listen to the swish of the paper

Flicking to a new page

And try not to associate it with the swish of a 

Meringue dress

Sweeping up wedding cake crumbs 

from the dance floor

As the first dance begins


And just before my mind flies off for a 

hermitic honeymoon

The pens still

The tip tap typing petters out

We sit in a circle

Reading embryonic pieces

Words mingling in the space between us

And it is my turn to read

A poem about loneliness


Which no longer exists

Gabe Clover

Gabe Clover

Sunday Wrters' Club member

Gabe is a teacher and writer. Originally from New Zealand, they have collected stories and poems from living around the world. They have lived and worked in the outback of Australia where the class had a pet crocodile called Mr Bombastic. They have also lived in Mexico, Mongolia, Norway, USA and they currently reside in beautiful Bratislava. They are working on a poetry collection which will be a mosaic of time and place. Gabe has been catapulted back into writing by the other writers and the prompts from the Sunday Writers Community.
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