Writing inspired by the SWC creative writing prompt: Write about a pallbearer. How heavy is the coffin they are carrying?


By Paul Malone

Sometimes we are pallbearers,

Carrying the casket of disappointment,

For the story that never made it.

We give it up to the creative fire,

Scatter its ashes,

Across fields of our imagination,

Where soon enough,

A new story will arise.

Paul Malone

Paul Malone

Sunday Writers Club Team Member and Author

Paul is an Australian author living in Austria for well over a decade now. His short stories have appeared in leading children’s literary magazines, including The School Magazine (Australia) and Scoop Magazine (UK).  For Paul, creative writing is “sunshine for the imagination”, and he enjoys sharing this experience with other writers. From coming up with inspiring prompts for a Sunday creative writing session to planning and delivering on the club’s objectives, Paul puts his heart into his writing and work as part of the Sunday Writers Club team.

Paul continues to write short stories and is working on a middle-grade fantasy novel, which he aims to complete in 2023. 


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