Writing inspired by the SWC creative writing prompt: Write about the Cold.

The Three Stages of Cold

By Jan Cutting

Wet Cold Day – plus 1 or 2 degrees – Scotland.

Shoulders hunched

Sky and street meet in mist

Rain creeps into every thread and fibre of fabric

Drains your soul


Eyes squint

Skin liquifies

Dampness drags you home


Dry Cold, Cold – minus 23 – Quebec

Hard and crackled

Brittles your bones 

Drives thorns of flaking crystal deep into your veins

Solidifies your spine


Eyelids stick

Forehead burns

Flesh seers in the crystalline air


Sunny Day Cold  – minus 3 or 4 – also Scotland

Breath as smoke

Sun low and shadows long

Light fractures on soft white folds of deep snow

Boots crunch like tractor tracks


Spirits lift

Heart thrums

Legs push on to the top

Jan Cutting

Jan Cutting

Sunday Writers' Club member

Jan Cutting (McLeod) studied English at University of Aberdeen and while there was Editor of ‘Scratchings’ an anthology created by the Creative Writing Group which included the mighty Ali Smith.
She began working in Marketing for an early internet company and then a Bank before running away to the film industry as Marketing Director of Scottish Screen. She set up ScreenScots, a network of Ex pat Scots in Hollywood who could help fledgling writers and producers develop their careers. Her Chair was Brian Cox of Succession fame.
After making a short, a documentary and a feature she returned to the real world and is now the Director of Membership, Marketing and Communications for The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.
She still writes and has been a member of SWC for over two years. She is working on a rom com about a girl who leaves accountancy to join the film industry.


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