Writing inspired by a SWC creative writing prompt.

A Conversation between the Heart and Brain

By Natasa Pap

Brain: “Why are you always so emotional?”

Heart: “What are you always so cold and calculated?”

Brain: “What do you mean? It’s my job to think, process data and find solutions for various problems. I can’t do that if my mind is clouded by emotions?

Heart: “Is that all I am to you? Some cloud or fog that is distracting your thinking process?!”

Brain: “You see what they mean? Every little thing upsets you! This is why it’s so hard to talk to you, I can never figure you out!”

Heart: “… I see. It appears that you are not as smart as you think you are.”

Brain: “That was uncalled for, you told me once that you fell in love with me because of my intellect.”

Heart: “That is true. I still love you, but your lack of emotional intelligence really frustrates me sometimes!”

Brain: “…I see, well… In that case, I will take some time to study the subject. Would that please you?”

Heart: “Can I ask you something first?”

Brain: “Of course.”

Heart: “Why did you fall in love with me?”

Brain: “Isn’t it obvious, I fell in love with you because you’re… well, because you are something that I am not.”

Heart: “And that’s something is…”

Brain: “ …Warm. You… you keep me warm.”

Heart: “And you keep me grounded. Not all the time, but you do your best.”

Brain: “Honestly, you are not making that job always easy for me.”

Heart: “I know. I’m impulsive, quick to anger and I have a nasty temper. I am scared of getting hurt and every emotion I feel hits me five times harder because I am the centre of emotions. On top of everything I have to manage the moral compass of this place. I feel overwhelmed at times.”

Brain: “I understand better than you think. I guess, the conclusion is, that we are both equally important. Without you here I would remain cold and alone until I rust away and stop functioning.”

Heart: “And if I didn’t have you, I would be all over the place, with no self-control or self-awareness.”

Brain: “We really do function better when we are together, don’t we?”

Heart: “Yes, we do.”

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