Sunday Writers’ Club Membership

annual membership €70

You don’t need to live in Vienna to become a member of Sunday Writers’ Club.

At Sunday Writers’ Club we offer inspiration, encouragement, community and unique ways to develop your writer’s craft.

We are a not-for-profit organisation who invests in our members.

Our membership programme has been shaped and refined over two years of working with international writers in the cafés of Vienna. We listened, we adapted and we honed our ideas, and now we are happy to offer SWC membership to writers all over the world. 

Why not make Sunday your time to write, wherever you may find yourself?

What do you get when you become a member of Sunday Writers' Club?

The membership lasts for 12 months and many membership benefits are available all year around. However, the SWC team take a well-earned break in December; July and August, so you will not receive SWC Creative Writing Prompts Menus or Writers’ Labs.

The world-famous Sunday Writers' Club Creative Writing Prompts Menu - delivered to your inbox every Sunday

A brand new and unique SUNDAY WRITERS’ CLUB CREATIVE WRITING PROMPT MENU will arrive in your inbox every Sunday morning at 10am (except for during December, July and August, as noted above). Our Menus are specifically created to include prompts that are guaranteed to stimulate personal, reflective writing as well as providing inspiration for imaginative poetry and/or fiction. Collect the Menus to build your own personal catalogue of creative ideas. We pride ourselves on encouraging you to think ‘outside the box’ and to feel excited by brand new ideas for your writing. Check out an example MENU below.


Writers' Lab Live, online feedback group - once per month

Writers’ Lab Live is a monthly online critiquing group where members can submit their writing to receive valuable feedback from the rest of the SWC community. It takes place on the first Tuesday of every month (excluding December, July and August) from 7pm until approximately 9pm CET and will be chaired by author and SWC co-founder Keith Gray. Find out more here.

Our Interactive Members-Only Newsletter - delivered to you once per month

As a member you will receive the monthly SWC Members NEWSLETTER. The newsletter is packed full of information about all things SWC but also includes useful links to other organisations, writing competitions and meet-ups. Our plan is to make the SWC Members NEWSLETTER as interactive as possible and hope you, our members, will submit your own writerly hints, tips, recommendations and insights. You can have a hand in helping shape the newsletter for fellow SWC members in our online community.

Plus: We publish and promote stories, poems and other writings only by our members on the SWC Blog - be part of the community, be read by the world

We love publishing brilliant new writing by our members on our BLOG, and no way is this going to stop. The BLOG is available to interested readers all over the world, but it will be members-only as far as the publication of writing goes. Currently our BLOG is visited by readers from as far afield as Scotland, Australia, India and the USA – as well as by our Viennese friends and neighbours of course.

Plus: Special Discord Group for SWC Members

We wanted to make it a little easier to support each other from Sunday to Sunday, so we’ve created a Discord community. Discord is a messaging platform. It makes it easy to stay in touch, have wide ranging chats, and support each other through our writing experiences.

Plus: Members enjoy the Top-Of-The-List Treatment for many thing we offer - always

We run events and sessions all year around, both face-to-face here in Vienna as well as online. Our MEET THE PROFESSIONALS Zoom sessions are just an example. We organise workshops with visiting writers, guest author readings, networking socials and writing retreats. As an SWC member you will always be offered first-refusal, as these events will be announced primarily in our members-only NEWSLETTER. Only if there are spaces still to fill will the event then be advertised to the general public.

Creative writing prompts

Example of our World-Famous Creative Writing Prompt Menu

The Sunday Writers’ Club is a lovely community to be part of. I have met interesting, friendly people through it and the sessions have come to punctuate my weeks.

Emma Downey

Speaking as an inexperienced writer, I can say that SWC have created an incredibly supportive and welcoming atmosphere that really kickstarted my writing motivation.

David Wiegl

I connect with other writers and aspiring writers through the community SWC has created. But I also feel more connected to my own creative writing too.

Jennifer Cornick