Sunday Writers’ Club The Best of Vol. 1


Sunday Writers’ Club The Best of Vol. 1

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Sunday Writers’ Club The Best of Vol. 1.

Come with us on a remarkable journey aboard the overnight train to East Germany in the ’80s. Discover an astonishing cure for loneliness. Salvage a shipwreck off the Newfoundland coast. Capture a fairy in a jar. Explore a village of ghosts.

Enjoy 25 stories, poems and reflections in this first ever Sunday Writers’ Club collection.

Feel inspired to kickstart your own writing projects.

Over 70 unique and challenging 

creative prompts.

guaranteed to inspire fresh writing ideas

This book first published in 2023 in Vienna, Austria by Kulturverein Sunday Writers’ Club (ZVR-Zahl:1631676454)

Contributing Sunday Writers’ Club members:

Dagmar Bayer, Eithne Bradley, Adrian M. Bran, Gabrielle Clover, Jennifer Conick, Jasmine Fassl, Keith Gray, Lea Gramm, Stephen Hewitt, Georgia Holmer, Dominik “Dom” Jemec, Greta Lane, Paul Malone, Clare Mc Closkey, Jan McLeod, Connie Phlipot, Jon Pickering, Tina Rae Quinn, Tamara Raidt, Sarah Roos-Essl, Caroline Stevenson, Tricia Stiegler, Sarah Stroker, Mihaela Tsoneva, Sandra Völker, Brigid Whoriskey.

Prompts written by Paul Malone, Keith Gray, Clara Gray, Jasmine Fassl and Jennifer Cornick.

Copy-editing and design by Marie-Therese Sauer.

Format: softcover

Pages: 178

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